Thursday, June 4, 2015

That's What They Said: A Little of Him and a Whole Lot of Her

Baylor:  Mom, do you know why I am going to study rocks?
Me:  (not hearing him correctly)  I bet you are.
Baylor:  (not caring that I didn't hear him correctly)  I am because diamonds, hello?!

Amalia:  Mommy, I am Stinker Bell.
Me:  (after thinking for a brief moment)  Yup.
Amalia:  Okay, now I'm Amalia again.

Amalia:  Mommy, I want to cook my last game.
Me:  (completely confused)  You want to cook your last game?
Amalia:  Yeah, cook.  You know, what we did to Baylor's last game.
Me:  Ahh!  You want to toast your game!  (as in, clink glasses together at dinner kind of toast)

(Amalia informed me that she would be packing five dresses, along with other clothes she'd picked out, for an upcoming trip.)
Me:  Mollie, I think five dresses is a bit too many.  Can we try cutting it back to four?
Amalia:  (reluctantly)  Sure.  (surveys her dress choices and selects a pretty purple one)  I'll put back this one.
Me:  (sad that she didn't pick an old leopard print dress to put back)  Oh?  How come?
Amalia:  (in her "expert" voice)  Well, I just didn't think it was very Outer Banks-y.
Me:  (smiling)  Oh, really?  Is the leopard print dress "Outer Banks-y"?
Amalia:  Yes, it is.  And this purple dress isn't very putt-putt golf-y either.
Me:  Well there you go.

(After reading part of Magic Tree House book no. 35 ...)
Amalia:  (quite seriously)  Mommy, you do NOT want to be a duck when you meet Elvis Edison.
(That's supposed to be Thomas Alva Edison.  I have not had the heart to correct her.)