Tuesday, August 4, 2015

That's What They Said: The All Amalia Edition

Amalia:  Mom, that was a bad time for that bug to be here.
Me:  Yup, especially for the bug.  (He/she is now deceased.)
Amalia:  Moooom, because of that bug (pause for dramatic effect) my life changed forever.
Me:  (smiling at her mastery of drama)  Yeah?  It did?
Amalia:  Yeah.  Now, to me, this house is creepy.

(While we were playing the Brain Quest SMART game ...)
Bryson:  What country is just south of the United States?
Amalia:  Um ...
Bryson:  Okay.  I went there not too long ago.  Actually, I have been to two countries recently.  I went north to a country called Canada.  Then I went south to ...?
Amalia:  Los Angeles?
Me:  (smiling)  Well, sweetie, that is actually a city in the United States.
Amalia:  (silence)
Bryson: (sounding out the first letter)  Mmmm ...
Amalia:  Mississippi?
Bryson:  (smiling)  Nope.  Mmmmmme ...
Amalia:  (silence)
Bryson:  Mmmmmex ...?
Amalia:  Mexichussetts?
Bryson:  (smiling and laughing)  That is awesome.  But no.  Mexic ...?
Amalia:  (jubilantly)  Mexico!

(In the middle of a friendly game of Trouble and completely out of the blue ...)
Amalia:  (sobbing uncontrollably)  I miss loving the color piiiiiiiiink!

Amalia:  (running inside after taking a walk outside with Oma)  Mommy!  Mommy!  I finally have something to put in my diarrhea!
Me:  (laughing)  Your what?
Christine:  (laughing)  Wait, do you mean your diary?
Amalia:  (relieved)  Yes!  My diary!
Me:  (still laughing)  Yeah, sweetie?  What are you going to write in there?
Amalia:  Well, I am going to write, "Dead squirrel.  Oma threw three leaves (actually branches) and then we thought they winded back but it was a bunny!"

(Later on ...)

Amalia:  (talking about writing the letter "e" and how I write it a bit on the lazy/cursive side)  Mommy, I'll just put a crisp one in my diarrhea.