Thursday, July 2, 2015

That's What They Said: Knowledge Here and There

Amalia:  (jabbering on at dinner)  At at my restaurant, we have a pasta special.  It has every kind of pasta on the Earth in it!  Including ravioli.  (pauses)  What's with the oli?!

Bryson:  What are our bodies made of?
Amalia:  Syllables?
Bryson: (smiling)  What?  No, not quite, honey.  They're made up of atoms.

Baylor:  (analyzing a song from Pink Floyd's The Wall)  "We don't need no education"?  That's a double negative.

(At dinner ...)
Amalia:  You know?  Milk is one of my favorite foods now!
Me:  You know what, Mollie?  Milk is one of my favorite drinks, too.
Amalia:  Ooh, and water, too!  I love water!
Me:  I like water, too, but it's not always my favorite.
Amalia:  (very confused)  Why is it not always your favorite?
Me:  Well, sometimes it is really good, but sometimes it can have a funky taste.  Ooh, but a nice cold glass of good-tasting water on a warm summer day?  Now that's awesome.
Amalia:  Yeah, and you don't want to drink boiling water.  Now, THAT would be bad.
Me:  (VERY confused)  Boiling water?
Amalia:  Yeah, boiling water.  You know?  Remember when Grandma drank that bad-tasting boiling water when we went out with her?
Me:  (realizing she meant carbonated water)  Ah, yes, I do.  (smiling)
Amalia:  Yeah, and she said we could taste it, and Baylor wouldn't , but I did and then I spit it out.  And it got ... on one ... of my French fries.