Wednesday, November 25, 2015

That's What They Said: Starring Baylor

Bryson:  Did guys know that this year is an important historical anniversary?  800 years ago?
Me:  (whispers to Bryson)  The Magna Carta?
Bryson:  (whispers back)  Yeah.
Kids:  Um.  Uh.
Bryson:  It was an important document written 800 years ago?
Baylor:  Microsoft Word!
(Then most of the applesauce I was eating shot into my nose.)

Baylor:  (in his sweetest voice)  Mom?  You know, (garbled) you're pretty smart.  (smiles)
Me: (smiles back then wonders)  Baylor, did you say, "For a mom, you're pretty smart."?
Baylor:  (smiles)  Yeah.  You know, you and Dad are actually pretty equally smart.
Me:  Thanks, b.

Baylor:  Happy birthday, Mom!  Hey, what time were you born?
Me:  Oh, buddy, I don't know for sure, but I think the time has already passed.  I want to say that I was born at, like, 7:23 (a.m.) or something.
Baylor:  Aww, so at this time 34 years ago you were just born!
Me:  (smiling)  Yup.
Baylor:  (putting his hands on my shoulders and looking right at me, smiling)  Mom, you are getting SO old!
Me:  (smiling)  Aw, thanks, buddy.
Baylor:  (smiling almost wistfully)  And mom, the older you get the better mom you are.
Me:  (smiling)  Aww, buddy.  (hugs all around)

(One morning right after they got downstairs ...)
Amalia:  (snuggling up to Baylor)  Mmmmm!  How are you so warm?!
Me:  Well, you see, your daddy and your brother have this thing inside them for some reason that makes them hot boxes.
Baylor:  (laughs)
Amalia:  (snuggling in more)  Mmmmmmm!
Baylor:  (gets up to get a Lego catalog)
Amalia:  Uhhhhhh!  Baylor!  I need my little hot box!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Birthday, Grandpa E!

Today is my dad's birthday, and since he is so far away, the kids and I thought we'd make him a little video greeting before we headed off to school today.

For those of you who don't know, not only is this super cute (I'm biased, I know), but it's also a huge accomplishment for Baylor; he hasn't liked the Happy Birthday song in any form since his second birthday, and for the longest time would dart out of the room (often crying) whenever he heard it.

So happy birthday, Dad!  We can't wait to celebrate with you when you get home!!  Love you!!