Friday, April 28, 2017

That's What They Said: Life Lessons and Lots of Love

(After suggesting that we keep her eczema lotion near her pajama drawer so we don't forget to put it on BEFORE her pj's ...)
Amalia:  (insistent)  No, Mom, that won't work.  I'll forget to do it.
Me:  Well, why don't we give it the old college try?  If it doesn't work, we'll try something else.
Amalia:  (deep in thought)  Mommy, if you are in college, do you just give it a try?
Me:  (smiling)  Sure.  Something like that.

(Heard over the monitor right at 7:00 a.m.)
Baylor:  (singing)  Moooommmy!  Cooome heeeerree!  It's time to waaaaaaake up!  Uhh-uhh!  I want to seeeeee your beautiful faaaaaaace because I looooooooove you!

Baylor:  (to Mollie)  I wish I could draw hearts over my head because I love you so much!

(Just after he woke up one morning ...)
Baylor:  Mom, I have learned something in third grade!
Me:  Yeah, buddy?  What is it?
Baylor:  It is an important life lesson ... you can never be too safe.
Me:  Ah, I see.
Baylor:  (getting somber)  I didn't tell you this, Mom, but I fell down twice yesterday at school.
Me:  You did?
Baylor:  Yeah.  I fell down in the hallway on my way back from specials, and I took a corner a little too tight on the playground and fell.
Me:  I'm sorry to hear that, sweetie.  Are you okay?
Baylor:  Yeah, but they hurt.  So you can never be too safe.  (thinking for a moment)  Well, ... maybe you CAN be too safe, but you can also be too dangerous.
Me:  Very true.
Baylor:  Like, after my concussion ... I didn't play on the playground for MONTHS.  To stay safe.  (getting even more somber) And you know what?  I felt really left out.
Me:  Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that.
Baylor:  Yeah.  So you can be too safe AND too dangerous.
Me:  I agree.