Sunday, October 31, 2010

Howdy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, readers!

My kiddos were both dressed up this year, and since this was our first year with two kids we went with a theme ...

Cowboy and cowgirl!

Baylor played the part of the sheriff ever so coolly.  And Mollie enjoyed rocking a bandanna for a bib.

We gave him the lowdown about Halloween a couple days ago, but we still had to coax him into his costume by telling him the vest and hat would keep him warm on this cold night. 

He got to head out for some trick or treating action once his cousins showed up.  He flat out refused to say, "Trick or treat!" when he would arrive at a particular door, but people were pretty understanding.  And he just about died from delight every time a dog came to the door as well!  Funny little guy.

After a stop off at Grandma and Grandpa's house, we headed home to see Mollie who had stayed back because it was so cool out.  We showed Baylor how to dump out his bucket to survey his loot.  Lots of M&M's! 

M&M's are his favorite, but truth be told he's never had any other candy - and probably still won't have any other candy for a while longer.  But M&M's are fun and small, and the little packages are perfect for a little guy like my bubba.  Knowing that he only got one package tonight, though, he still shared with everyone.

He even helped us all eat them!

Unfortunately, by the time he got to me, his fingers were wet and blue food coloring got everywhere!

Overall, I think this Halloween was a success!  Next year, I'm sure, will be even more fun as Mollie might get to venture out with us! 

I hope you had a frightfully good night! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sticker Stealer

Baylor has been all about stickers lately, but the other day he left a sheet of them on the floor ...

... and Mollie proceeded to pull them off by the fist-full!

Our Mornings

Most mornings, Amalia wakes up before her brother.  The other day was no exception; in fact, she got up so early that I wasn't done pumping milk for her cereal so she got to play on the floor while I finished up.  She is getting so mobile now ...

... really, really mobile!

Baylor finally woke up, so she and I went in to greet him for the day.  Lately, he's been asking me to sling his quilt over the crib rail so we can play peekaboo and look at the construction signs.

It's a good way to start the day.

Now that she's skilled at sitting up, Mollie gets to check out the action from the floor while enjoying a little snuggle time with random stuffed animals.

"Bump!  Detour!  Closed!"

Lately, Mollie has been traveling over to Baylor's closet to play with the doors.  The instant he hears her kicking them with her feet, he starts laughing and smiling.

Peekaboo, Muffin Man!

Then he hides under his blanket.  And sometimes he snuggles with Mr. Bear and Mr. Bear's brother, Mr. Bear.

He's big enough to climb out of his crib ... but he hasn't figured that out yet.  Knock on wood!

He also likes it when I hide under the quilt with him.

Such a happy boy!

Future Ralph Lauren Model?

Mollie has this adorable Ralph Lauren outfit that isn't going to fit her much longer, so I thought I'd snap a few pictures of her in it the other morning before breakfast while she was un-bibbed and dry of drool.  I got a few good ones I thought I'd share with you!

Enjoy the smiles!

Trains, Cups, and Giggles

They aren't necessarily playing together yet, but my kiddos are able to have fun near one another nonetheless.

Baylor enjoys his GeoTrax train set, and Mollie has been perfecting her technique of banging stacking cups together.

He's not much for smiling for the camera these days, but he is having fun ... I swear!

He does love fiddling with the cargo and putting it down the cargo chute. 

And Mollie is working really hard at becoming mobile ... she has perfected the awkward army crawl.

Baylor also loves deconstructing the track ... and then asks for help putting it back together.

Miss Mollie loves her Aunt Christine so much ... just look at that smile!

Reeeeaaaach!  So close, and yet so very far away. 

It is so much fun playing with the kiddos ... they are growing up so fast!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin' ... Again

A few weeks ago, my mom took the kids and I to get pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch.  As you can see, Baylor was pretty excited for the event.

It was a lovely day, just starting to turn fall-ish out.  Mollie, of course, rocked it in her pumpkin-wear, looking scrumptious as usual.

This wasn't Baylor's first time at Under The Pines, but I doubt he recalled our trip there last year.  (Oh, and on a side note ... this post was originally called simply "Pumpkin Pickin'" until I realized that I had used the EXACT same title for last year's outing post.  Apparently I like what I like.  Also, I had no idea how much Baylor had changed in a year; you should totally breeze through some of October '09 for a real taste - it'll blow your mind!)

They had a little bin full of free apples to eat while you shop, and Baylor was more than glad to partake. 

Mollie got to ride in the Ergo Baby on Oma ...

... which freed me up to show Baylor all the harvest fall has to offer.  From funky-looking squash and gourds ...

... to some truly beautiful pumpkins.  He, of course, wanted to take them all home with us.  And drip apple juice all over the place.

Then he spotted a hill, and his little two-year-old legs told him to run ... so he did.

It took a lot of coaxing, but I finally got him away from the tree and up to the pumpkins again.

We tried to get a picture of the kiddos together, but it wasn't to be.  Too much going on and too little stability out of Mollie. 

It was a gorgeous fall day.  I hope you enjoy yours!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Costco and a Cart for Two

Costco has these wonderful carts that can seat two children up in front.  If Meijer, our local grocery store, had these, my life would be MUCH easier.

Anyhow, yesterday was Mollie's first time getting to enjoy the view from the front seat; usually she is relegated to sitting in her infant car seat in the basket area of the cart.  Yesterday, she was up with big brother Baylor.  And it was grand.

Yes, he may have stolen that new packet of books from her.  But she didn't seem to care much; the world was at her fingertips up there in front.

Then a guy with a cart distracted them both ... it was adorable!

This cart and getting to spend time with both kids makes me want to do all our shopping at Costco.  Sadly, our fridge, freezer, and pantry just aren't big enough for that.  Oh well, such is life.

Have a wonderful day!

Fun at Oma's House

With life feeling a little out of control these days, I called on my parents and sister for some help this weekend.  They took both kids for almost a whole day while I got things done around the house.  Was it relaxing?  No, certainly not.  And I didn't get everything done, for sure.  But it was a start, and that's what I needed.

And while I was cleaning and tidying, the kids were off having fun!  Baylor always talks about baking with Oma and Aunt Christine, so they decided to whip up a batch of M&M cookies with his help.

He was "helpful" when cracking the eggs.

Bringing the cuteness on is helpful, right? 

Mollie just watched and ate.

The mess was finally cleaned up and smiles abounded.

Then Grandpa E demonstrated the proper egg cracking technique.

Baylor got to dump in the M&Ms!  Clearly he played a vital role in the cookies' creation.

And he kept a close watch on them as they baked.

Eagerly anticipating their completion.

Mollie took a bottle and sacked out in Grandpa E's arms.

And was so tired that she stayed asleep all the way upstairs and into the pack n' play.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful family nearby to help with my kiddos.  And they are lucky to have such loving people in their lives.  Thanks again, Mom, Dad, and Christine!  (Oh, and go green!)