Saturday, February 13, 2016

That's What They Said: Fashion and Science Confound

This is just one long conversation this morning, and spacing it like I usually do was quite difficult to read, hence the extra spacing.

(While trying to pick out clothes on a particularly cold morning ...)
Me:  Baylor, did you pick out a blue sweatshirt?

Baylor:  Um, hmm.  (his current "yes" response)

Me:  (thinking he was going to be wearing blue pants with it)  Oh, Baylor, you're going to be a vision in blue!  Now, Amalia, I like this combination.  I think the long underwear are going to keep you warm enough today.

Amalia:  Mooooom, but I want to wear all one color like Baylor!  It's like being a spy!

Me:  Okay, well let's see what you've got.

(searches pant drawer and closet the little result)

Me:  Well, Amalia, did you know that not all spies dress up all in one color?

Amalia:  They don't?

Me:  No.  Sometimes they actually wear disguises.  Do you know what a disguise is?

Amalia:  What is it?

Me:  It's where you dress up like someone or something else.  You could do that today!  (she looks at me quizzically)  Do you know who you could dress up like?

Amalia:  (slightly pouting)  Who?

Me:  You could dress up like me!  I wear long underwear and jeans almost every day, and today I am going to wear an undershirt, a CuddlDud top, and a sweatshirt just like we picked out for you!

Amalia: But what is going to be on the outside?  You know, that everyone will see?

Me:  Jeans and my Michigan State sweatshirt.  (seeing that she was unhappy about the MSU sweatshirt)  And while I know YOU don't have an MSU sweatshirt, I know your brother does.  I bet he'd be willing to lend it to you.  Plus, my sweatshirt is a little big on me and his would be a little big on you!  What do you say?

Amalia: (looks at me even more skeptically)  Well, ...

Me:  AND, Mollie, did you know that people actually think you look a lot like me?

Amalia:  (surprised and skeptical)  They do?

Me:  Yes!  I get that all the time.  And I even have proof online.  I posted a picture of you wearing that red jumper online - because you looked so cute - and I had SO MANY people say how much you looked like me!  I had friends from when I was little say, "Oh, Nicole, she looks JUST like you!"  (seeing her doubting all this)  And, I had a friend from college, college, say, "Nicole, she is like a little mini you!"

Amalia: (clearly unhappy)  But people will look at you and see you are an adult and see that I am a kid!  And how do I look like you?

Me:  Well, maybe they'll think I got shrunken down or something.  And as for you looking like me, well genes are a funny thing.

Amalia:  (quite perturbed)  Mooooom, I don't like jeans!  (explaining it to me)  I just don't see them in my drawer.  I look and look, and on gym days or even not gym days I wear the other things in my drawer.  Not anything from this (the jeans) pile!

Me:  (smiling)  I know, and it boggles the mind, my dear.  I wear jeans every day!

Amalia:  Well, I don't.

Me:  Okay, well, I am going to let you make the decision.  I think Grandma will really like the outfit we have picked out here, but if you want to change it that is fine.  Just make sure whatever you choose is warm enough.  And please bring it down when you guys come down for breakfast.  Oh, and if you do want to wear your brother's MSU sweatshirt, it is already downstairs and it's clean.

Amalia:  Okay.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Amalia's First Fancy Tea Party!

Amalia was recently invited to her first fancy tea party with her school friends, and from the moment she heard about it she was excited to go.  After looking at her wardrobe, we figured out she doesn't exactly have any "fancy" (a 'la Fancy Nancy) clothes, but Oma and I were able to take care of that the day before.

We probably should have talked about how to do her hair sooner, but we didn't and it ended up that she had something particular in mind.  Taking all her directions, this is what I helped her do.

Yup, not gonna lie, it was a little wonky.  After a quick talk, Bryson and I convinced her that I could do something even fancier for her.  Unfortunately, I had zero ideas, no curling iron, and she wouldn't let me flat iron her hair.  But after a few minutes and a little trial and error, I came up with this easy updo.

It was a smidge on the wispy side, but she loved it and that's all that matters.  Plus, it was a little extra special since the ribbons were from the favors at our wedding!

After that, it was time to do her nails, and at this point I was reminded of why I never paint my nails.  Ughhhh.  But she was thrilled to have pretty purple nails; I could tell it made her feel extra fancy.

She played for a little bit, and then it was time to get dressed.  Here is the ensemble we came up with!  Fancy, eclectic, fun ... and all Mollie.

She was so excited she didn't even want to stand still for a second picture!

I dropped her off at her friend's house at the appointed time, and though she had been excited and confident at home, she got a bit nervous once we got there and asked if I'd stay.  None of the other parents were staying, though, and I knew she'd be fine once the party started up.  So we hugged, she waved an ASL "I love you" goodbye, and off I went.

The two hours of the party passed quickly, and soon it was time for me to pick her up.  She was thrilled to see me but not because she'd had a bad time; on the contrary, she and her little friends had had a blast, and she couldn't wait to tell me about it.  They drank hot chocolate out of little tea cups (that they got to paint and keep), decorated tiaras and gloves, ate dinner, and generally had a wonderfully fancy time.  

I am so happy this first foray into visiting a friends' house went well.  Hopefully it will pave the way for more such visits in the future.  Either way, our girl had a fabulously fancy time at her first tea party!