Wednesday, June 18, 2014

March 2014 Round Up!

Because who wouldn't love a MARCH round up in mid-June, right?

March was a busy month, partially because it was reading month and there were little activities to do every week, including a read-in at Baylor's school.  It also coincided with pajama day which was just awesome.  Who doesn't love pajama day?!

It was also busy because we had Mollie's birthday party toward the end of it, which always sends me into a tizzy.  (I'm not a natural party planner and some might say our house isn't always "guest ready", so it tends to take a lot of clean up and whatnot to get the house ready for so much company.  Believe me, I don't even go for Pinterest-worthy.)  Her birthday, however, will be another post.

She did get some money for her birthday, though, and with that money she bought her dolls bunk beds!  There was, of course, some assembly required, and the kids got to help and learn more about how to use a screwdriver.

The final product was beyond adorable!  Great choice, Mollie!

We had to take the glider and ottoman out of her room to fit in the new addition, and it was a little sad for me to see it go.  (It didn't go far, however, as I decided that it would look *fantastic* in our bedroom!  Hey, I couldn't get rid of so many memories all at once.)  But her room is a little more "Mollie" now, and she loves getting to rock her babies before putting them down for bed and tucking them in, just like a little mommy.

She also started "reading" to her dolls a little more than before, even "following along" with a bookmark just like we do for Baylor when we read at bedtime.  (The quotation marks above are because she isn't actually reading ... she's telling the story like she remembers it, using the pictures as guides along the way.  Baylor completely skipped this step while learning to read, and I wish he hadn't because it is amazing to see what her little brain comes up with for these stories.  Quite often they are more creative than the original.)

We had some particularly strong winds and cold weather in mid-March, and our much-neglected basketball pole and hoop were knocked over completely.

Bryson took a few Fridays off in March, and one day Mollie got to spend some time just her, Mommy, and Daddy.  We went out to lunch at Smashburger, and I think Mollie really enjoyed her time as the center of attention.

She also loved Smashburger itself and proclaimed it "better than Mr. Burger" - music to my ears.

March was an eventful month - perhaps why I never got around to posting this back then - but it was also full of fun and new experiences.

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