Wednesday, November 25, 2015

That's What They Said: Starring Baylor

Bryson:  Did guys know that this year is an important historical anniversary?  800 years ago?
Me:  (whispers to Bryson)  The Magna Carta?
Bryson:  (whispers back)  Yeah.
Kids:  Um.  Uh.
Bryson:  It was an important document written 800 years ago?
Baylor:  Microsoft Word!
(Then most of the applesauce I was eating shot into my nose.)

Baylor:  (in his sweetest voice)  Mom?  You know, (garbled) you're pretty smart.  (smiles)
Me: (smiles back then wonders)  Baylor, did you say, "For a mom, you're pretty smart."?
Baylor:  (smiles)  Yeah.  You know, you and Dad are actually pretty equally smart.
Me:  Thanks, b.

Baylor:  Happy birthday, Mom!  Hey, what time were you born?
Me:  Oh, buddy, I don't know for sure, but I think the time has already passed.  I want to say that I was born at, like, 7:23 (a.m.) or something.
Baylor:  Aww, so at this time 34 years ago you were just born!
Me:  (smiling)  Yup.
Baylor:  (putting his hands on my shoulders and looking right at me, smiling)  Mom, you are getting SO old!
Me:  (smiling)  Aw, thanks, buddy.
Baylor:  (smiling almost wistfully)  And mom, the older you get the better mom you are.
Me:  (smiling)  Aww, buddy.  (hugs all around)

(One morning right after they got downstairs ...)
Amalia:  (snuggling up to Baylor)  Mmmmm!  How are you so warm?!
Me:  Well, you see, your daddy and your brother have this thing inside them for some reason that makes them hot boxes.
Baylor:  (laughs)
Amalia:  (snuggling in more)  Mmmmmmm!
Baylor:  (gets up to get a Lego catalog)
Amalia:  Uhhhhhh!  Baylor!  I need my little hot box!!!

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