Friday, April 1, 2016

That's What They Said: Special days

(As I was hugging her after an "it's a snow day" revelation when I went to get her up for the day ...)
Amalia:  Mooooom!  I am uncomfortable!
Me:  Oh, sorry.
Amalia:  Mooooom, I am fragile!
Me:  (chuckling)  Oh you are?
Amalia:  Yes, I am fragile.  Everyone is fragile, Mom, because there is only one of each person.

Amalia:  Mom!  Did you know that we might see (classmate)?!
Me:  You mean while we are in Florida?
Amalia:  Yes!
Me:  (Classmate) is going to Florida for spring break, too?
Amalia:  Yes!
Me:  Is (classmate) going to Marco Island?
Amalia:  (indignant)  I don't know!  He is going to regular Florida!
Me:  (smiling)  Regular Florida?
Amalia:  (exasperated)  Yes, regular Florida.  I asked him which Florida he was going to and he said, "Regular Florida".
Me:  (smiling)  Okay.  Well, maybe we'll see him.

(After getting a tooth pulled at 9:00 p.m. on a school night ...)
Baylor:  (tearfully)  Guys, I am sad.  That tooth was my favorite.
Bryson and I:  Aww, buddy!
Baylor:  (still a bit upset)  And, wait ... which one is your sweet tooth?  Do you just have one tooth that is sweet?

(The morning of the first day of spring break ...)
Baylor:  I am as excited as a guinea pig on the first day of school!!!

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