Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun and Games at the End of May

The end of May was all about fun and games for our family.  Amalia got to participate in her first field day, and she had a blast!  

Baylor participated in most of the field day activities, too, and all was well and good until the sky opened up and poured rain over everyone effectively ending field day.

The next day the kids were actually able to swim in my parents' pool, and Mollie got the special job of standing on my dad's back so he could stay down to screw in one of the pool lights.

After they finished swimming, we all came inside to play a little Ticket to Ride.  Baylor had been playing it a bit at home, so it was exciting for him to play with everyone.

He did pretty well, too, in spite of being a little bit of a distracted player.

The next day Amalia played her first game of Clue with Bryson.

Both of them had a lot of fun, and we've all played Clue a few times since then.

We ended our spring with so much fun and so many games, and - lucky us - it has continued into the summer!

Have a wonderful day!

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