Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Catch-Up: Robinette's Corn Maze and Jumping Pillow!

I'm going for an epic catch-up of the year since I fell so miserably far behind.  After all, this stuff happened in 2013, shouldn't it be cataloged there?

In early October I finally got the kiddos over to our local orchard, Robinette's, after school for a little fall fun.  We started out with some treats from home on a porch swing ...

... then we carefully darted across the street to have a go at the corn maze.

Armed with only a tiny map and a mini pink pen to keep track of our path, we started out through the tall cornstalks.

The guy who let us into the maze neglected to give us the little quiz to do throughout the maze, and though Baylor was initially disappointed he soon bounced back and was happy as a clam.

We found the first of two bridges and the kids got a good view of all the corn we'd seen so far.

I'm always amazed to see just how big this maze is and how far the kids and I have actually gone.

We started back out into the field, and the kids felt like holding hands and did for quite a while.  Well, Mollie mostly wanted to hold Baylor's hand so he wouldn't run ahead, but it was still super cute.

After crossing the second bridge, we made our way out of the maze, back across the street, and over to the jumping pillow.  There were quite a few kids on there at first, many of which were quite a bit bigger than Mollie and Baylor, but the crowd soon thinned out and it was just my two bouncing around.

They did fall a few times, but they always got back up smiling.

Soon enough, they had worked up a sweat and needed some refreshment.

They went back to bouncing for a while ...

... but Baylor gulped down so much water in such a short amount of time that the bouncing ended up making him nauseous.  It was nearly time to get home for dinner anyway, so we packed it up and left.  I had every intention of getting the kids back there again this fall, but we ended up getting busier and busier and before I knew it the maze was plowed down and the jumping pillow was packed up for winter.

It's amazing how time flies, isn't it?

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