Tuesday, December 31, 2013

That's What They Said: What Did You Say?

I got Mollie to try some egg nog ...
Amalia: (after sipping it a couple times)  It makes my tummy feel all egg noggy.

Amalia:  Crapsies.
Me:  What did you say?
Amalia:  Crapsies.  What does "crapsies" mean?
Me:  (at a bit of a loss for words)  Um, it means, "Oh shoot."
Amalia:  Oh, okay.  Crapsies.

Amalia:  My pet rattlesnake died when it was a baby.
Baylor:  It died when it was a baby?
Amalia:  No, it died when it was 31.
Baylor:  Oh!  Like John F. Kennedy!  (looking at me)  You know?  The president!

(Someone at the dinner table toots ...)
Me:  Mollie, did you toot?
Amalia:  (smiling)  Yes.
Me:  Mollie, do you have to go potty?
Amalia:  Mommy, princesses don't go potty.

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