Thursday, February 6, 2014

May the Force Be with You!

After much debate, Bryson and I decided to let the kids watch Star Wars episodes four, five, and six over Christmas break.  Baylor had been interested in watching these ever since he found out they existed, and Mollie was game for whatever her brother wanted, so we hunkered down and watched them, one a day for three days.  The verdict?

Aside from being a little scared here and there, they did great!  Mollie had the most trouble, but it wasn't anything compared to the Monsters Inc. incident of 2012.  Overall, they were both very interested in the story and followed the action pretty well.  Mollie mostly just wanted to know when she'd see Princess Leia next, but she didn't lose interest in between Leia sightings which was good.

Baylor was excited by all the action and only got scared a couple times.

Now they are huge Star Wars fans.  Baylor, having never seen any of the movies, was already enamored of them; since viewing them he's been clamoring for more.  Mollie loves Princess Leia so much she has decided she wants to grow her hair out, all the way down to her waist or beyond, so she can make the classic Princess Leia buns.  Both of them have perfected their "blaster sounds" and are itching to watch episodes 1, 2, and 3, but they need to get a little older before they view any of the other episodes ... maybe a lot older for the third.

All that's left to say ... May the Force be with you.

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