Monday, March 3, 2014

That's What They Said: Quotes and Pictures!

Baylor:  (randomly during dinner)  There's something weird about Uranus.

Baylor:  Mollie, can I read that book now, please?  (points to the one she's holding)
Amalia:  Awww, that's very sweet, Baylor, but no.  Not right now.

Baylor:  Mollie, five year-olds are stronger than three year-olds, so I'm stronger than you.
(Later ...)
Baylor:  I am stronger than you.  Five year-olds are really strong.  How old are you?
Amalia:  I'm five!
Baylor:  (excitedly)  Wow!  You're really strong!  We could be buddies!

I thought I'd include this ... it's written, not so much said, but this is my blog so I can rewrite the rules a bit.  Baylor made this at school last month:

It's Abraham Lincoln, and it reads, "He was the 16th president, but 2nd important."  When asked who the most important president was, he responded, "George Washington!  You know, because he helped win the Revolutionary War."

Here is the homework Baylor is going to turn in today.  He was asked to write down three topics on which he is an "expert".  If you have read, "Coins, Kennedy, Java Gym", you have read correctly.  When asked what "Kennedy" meant, he replied, "You know?  JFK ... the president?"  *sigh*  Oh, the things they say!

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