Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chop Chop!

In late May/early June, I started finding myself getting quite restless with my hair.  It was taking me upwards of fifteen minutes just to wash it, adding quite a lot of time to my morning routine.  I was so very sick of finding super long hair all over the place.  And, beyond all that, I basically looked the same every day, and that look was starting to get a little ... hippy-ish.  (Not that that's necessarily a bad thing ... it's just not what I was going for.)  So I called my hair stylist Aja at Hotel Venus and booked an appointment just after my parents and sister left for Maine.

The big day soon arrived.  Aja decided to take before and after pictures to document the major chop.  So here's my before ...

... and here's the after!

I was a little surprised at how much hair had come off, but I was thrilled to have all that weight off me.

I figured if I was going to be getting rid of all that hair, I might as well donate it to a good cause.

The real tell-tale sign of a good hair cut is if it looks good when you actually get to style it yourself, and this one certainly did.  Whether it was straight ...

(Yes, I know this is basically identical to the one above it, but check out my complexion ... I looked at the picture above that I took first and thought I looked a little shiny and uneven.  Not wanting to take the time to apply makeup, I used a little 5 Second Blur and voila!  Seriously, that stuff is amazing.  I digress.*)

... or wavy, every day was a good hair day.

Needless to say, my mom, dad, and sister were shocked to see my hair when we met them in Florida a few days later, but they all seemed to like the change.  I was even more thrilled with the cut after spending even a couple seconds in the Floridian heat and humidity, remembering how it felt to have a virtual mane of hair clinging to my back.

I've gotten it trimmed and reshaped a couple times since then, and I still love it!

Thank you, Aja and the lovely folks at Hotel Venus Salon, for making this all happen and being so enthusiastic about my momentous hair change!

*I was not paid to review this product or make complementary statements about it.  I happened upon this product on my own and wanted to share its awesome results.  

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