Tuesday, October 13, 2015

That's What They Said: Revelations

Me:  Kiddos, we need to BE AT the doctor's office in a half an hour!  Please get ready!
Baylor:  Mollie!  We have to be at the doctor's office in a half an hour!  We have to hurry!
Amalia:  Baylorrr!  I don't know how to tell time!  I don't know what that means!
Baylor:  It means we have to hurry!
Amalia:  Okay!

(About 20 minutes before she is supposed to get up for school ...)
Amalia:  (calling) Mommyyyy!  Mommyyyy!  Mommyyyy!
Me:  Mollie, what's up?
Amalia:  Mommy, something really weird is happening.
Me:  Yeah, sweetie, what's that?
Amalia:  My teeth make the whole room shake.
Me:  What?
Amalia:  My teeth make the whole room shake!  This has never happened before.

Me:  Amalia, what did I ask from you this morning?
Amalia:  (whining)  To help you with the caaaar?
Me:  Well, I did ask you for that, but what did I ask for first?
Amalia:  (whining)  I don't knooooooow.
Me:  To not whine and carry on?
Amalia:  Ughhhh.
Me:  And please don't pout.
Amalia:  (whining)  But that's my main face!

Baylor:  Mom, did you make my bed?
Me:  No, but I can.
Baylor:  You can make me a new one when I outgrow the one I have now?
Me:  Oh, I thought you meant make the bed, like straighten out your sheets and stuff.  No, I didn't actually make your bed.  It used to be your crib, and we were able to change it into your toddler bed, then your current bed.  (Insert a very long conversation about who actually did all the conversions and what it took to accomplish them ...)  Besides, you won't outgrow this bed until you are in college or in a house of your own.
Baylor:  Really?
Me:  Yeah.  Most people don't get the size bed you have until they are older.  I didn't get your size bed until I was in seventh grade, and I don't know if Daddy ever had your size bed.  He got a bigger bed when he moved out on his own.
Baylor:  Wow, I am really lucky!  Well, and they probably didn't have as many beds back then.
Me:  Back when?  When Daddy got his bigger bed?
Baylor:  Yeah.
Me:  Baylor, that wasn't that long ago.  It was in the 2000s.
Baylor:  (astonished)  Whoa.  When did you get married?  How old were you when you got married?
Me:  We got married when I was 23, almost 24.
Baylor:  Wow, Mom, your life is passing by really quick!
Me:  (stunned silence)
Baylor:  I mean, you are really old, but it wasn't all that long ago that you got married.

(While I was hugging Bryson, Amalia came up and hugged my legs.)
Amalia:  Mommy, since you are giving one of your hugs away to Daddy I am going to give you one so you don't run out.
(And my heart melted.)

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