Thursday, January 7, 2016

That's What They Said: Oh, Amalia!

Me:  Mollie, I know you were upset that you didn't get to come shopping with Aunt Christine, Oma, and me yesterday, but I am actually glad you didn't come.  I don't think you would have had much fun.
Amalia:  (very serious)  Why?  Did you guys get in a fight?!  (puts up her fists and puts on her angry voice)  "No, I don't want to!"  "But I DO!"  "Agrgghrhrh!"

Amalia:  (to Bryson)  Hot Daddy!  Hot Daddy!  Hot Daddy!
Bryson:  (a bit mortified and yet a little amused)  Amalia, why are you saying that?
Amalia:  Because you're hot!
Bryson:  (skeptical silence)
Amalia:  (as if we should already know)  You drank your hot coffee, Daddy, and now you are hot inside!
Bryson and I:  (relief)  Ahh.

Amalia:  Mom, did you know that (classmate 1) and (classmate 2) are half person, half Polish?
Me:  (smiling)  Bryson, did you hear that?  (he shook his head)  Amalia, Daddy didn't hear.
Amalia:  (Classmate 1) and (classmate 2) are half person, half Polish.
Me:  Yeah?  Half person, half Polish?
Amalia:  Yup, they told us that at school today.

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