Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things: My New Traveler's Notebook!

I asked for a new Traveler's Notebook for Christmas this year, and after the holidays were over I got to pick it out myself!  I ended up going with a nice leather one from UncommonElephant on Etsy; they let you customize the color of the cover leather, the leather tab, the stitching around the cover, and the elastic.  Dottie, the owner of the store, is amazing to work with and was so accommodating to all of my requests.  It was a wonderful shopping experience, and I would highly recommend her products!

Here is the final product!  Isn't it gorgeous?

One of the reasons I decided to use this shop was because she was willing to customize the pocket configuration to my liking.  Since I was planning on using this for my wallet as well as my planner, I wanted to make sure I had a TON of pockets for all my cards.

I ended up going with three card pockets on the front and three card pockets on the back, each with one larger pocket behind it I can use for money or coupons.  

While I decided to go the DIY route for my last Traveler's Notebook and all the things inside, I knew that I didn't necessarily have time (or resources) for that this time around.  I used some of my Christmas money to buy dashboards from MarthaPlans on Etsy; I wanted at least three, so I decided to go the cost-effective route and get one of her "Imperfect Bundles" - they apparently have something wrong with them, but I still have yet to figure out what that would be.  This first one is wrapped around my daily schedule insert.

Here is the inside of the back cover.  I stuck a pocket pen holder from Mochi Things onto it so I would have a place for one of my Pilot Coleto pens.  It works out really well, and it can also hold pictures of my kiddos!  Win win!

I want to have to carry as few different things as possible but there were some gift cards and membership cards I really wanted to make sure to have with me, so I ordered some of these PVC credit card/zip pocket inserts from Amazon.  The front of it has a place for three cards.

On the backside of the three card pockets is a longer pocket for money or receipts (or my library card).

This next picture is of the second dashboard in the bundle.  I have it wrapped around a twelve-month calendar insert I made.

The squares are a little small, particularly for some of the crazy-busy days we have, but I am giving it a try to see if it works.  Like I said, I'm trying to carry as few different items as possible, and having a calendar in my notebook seemed like the next obvious step.

Here is the inside of the second dashboard and the second pocket pen holder (it was a pack of two).

There is the zipper pocket side of the PVC insert; it is currently holding stickers, washi tape, and some fun things the kids made me.

Then comes the third dashboard which is wrapped around my goal tracker insert.

I made this blank insert so I could track a bunch of different goals in the same insert and still make it easy to print out and put together.

This is another one of those PVC pocket inserts I got on Amazon - yes, I have that many cards I want to carry with me.  What good is a Lickers' License if I never use it, right?

My last booklet insert is blank for collections, doodling, and note taking.  I got some Tim Holtz Distress Markers (in Marketplace) from my sister, as well as some fun coloring book-style washi tape, and I have been coloring in that on the first page.

The second page is my gratitude log for February.  I have decided to do a mix of both words and pictures to record things, and so far I have really been enjoying it.

And that's it!  I am so enjoying having everything securely in one place, and I think it will only get better the more settled in I get.

Have a wonderful day!

*I was not paid to endorse any of these products.  I am only writing about them because of the positive experiences I have had with them.  Thank you!


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