Friday, May 12, 2017

Flashback Friday: Hump Day Birthday at the Zoo

Back in October, our local zoo spent a month celebrating the "birthdays" of each group of animals at the zoo.  We decided to take advantage of the unusually nice autumn weather and visit the zoo on the camels' birthday.

We started off our visit at the wallaby exhibit, and the kids actually stepped outside of their comfort zone and pet one!

The weather was beautiful and the smiles were out.

Then Baylor proved to be the best brother ever and held his sister's purse while she rode a camel.

One camel's name was Molly which of course thrilled our Mollie girl to no end.

The lions were actually down by the viewing window, napping and lounging in the warmth, and we were able to watch them for a while.

Mollie really wanted to see the flamingos, like the ones on her shirt, but they were stinky ... so she held her breath.

The lions weren't the only ones lounging in the warmth that day; the tapir got in on the action as well, getting some midday rest.

We happened upon a zookeeper who was doing a little mini introduction between any kiddo nearby and a snake.  When it came time for the kids to touch it, they both did!

We moved on from the random snake to the bear enclosure.  One of them was pretty lethargic.

But the other one was up and moving around.  Even though the glass was smudged with hand prints on one side and what I guessed was bear slobber on the other, the kids stayed far away from the window as if the bear could somehow get them.

We then made our must-have trip to the tropical house to visit the nocturnal animals, including this caiman who wanted to say, "Hi."

It is now apparently a tradition for us to take a picture of the kids showing off their wingspans.  Honestly, I couldn't have picked a better zoo tradition myself.

It was such a gorgeous day.

And I was one lucky lady to have these two to spend it with.

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