Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Today was Mother's Day, and we had grand plans.  We were going to spend the morning at home then head to my parents' house to celebrate around 2:00.  But that didn't happen.  One of the kiddos had some gastrointestinal distress, so we stayed home and had a low-key day.

Mollie wrote this on the door a day or two ago, and it was so beautiful I just couldn't erase it.  

Baylor's initial thought was to make a spa day for me, but since the first part of it was a bath and I had just gotten out of the shower, I had to pass on it.  Both kids actually agreed to play a game with us, though, so we enjoyed Forbidden Island a couple times.

Bryson ran to my parents' house to help move a couch and pick up a couple things, so the kids and I snuggled in for a movie.  I don't think I have the hang of selfies yet.

Finding Dory was awesome, but I got a little choked up at a couple spots and worried the kids silly.  Baylor coached me to "take a deeeep breath", and they both hugged me until I was smiling again.

Bryson made us dinner, then it was time to get the kids up to bed.  In keeping with the day, that took way longer than usual, but once the kids were snuggled up in their beds, the adults got to indulge in a sweet treat, courtesy of my dear sister.

The kids gave me some adorable gifts today, too.  Baylor made me a card at school.

It is tough to tell from this picture, but it is actually a pop-up card!

Mollie was rather prolific this year.  The first gift she gave me was a sheet about me.

It reads (with a few spelling corrections for clarity): "My name is Mollie.  I am 7 years old.  My mom's name is Nicole.  She is 35 years old.  For work, she helps me and my brother.  She loves to snuggle, but she hates to yelling!  She is always saying, "Set the table!"  My favorite meal my mom cooks is pizza.  She is best at consequences.  She is not very good at (she put some symbols here to show that I am apparently good at everything).  Her favorite color is green.  My mom and I like to snuggle.  She loves me because I behave, and I love her because she loves me!"  Adorable!

She also made me a cut-out of some sort.  It has fringe, which I know she just learned how to make at school, and when opened up it looks a little like a bird.  

She also made me a beautiful flower in art class.

And another one in her first grade classroom.

While I mowed the lawn yesterday, she apparently set up a couple folders around her so no one could see what she was doing and drew me a picture with Sharpies.  So sweet!

My sister spoiled me, too; she found a canvas zip-top bag with the Doose's Market logo on it!(Gilmore Girls fans will know what I'm talking about)

And my parents gave me a gift card all loaded up so I could enjoy some pretzels from my favorite pretzel shop!

But the best part of today was all the love I got from my kiddos.  Neither of them was feeling particularly stellar, but they both showered me with hugs and snuggles and a few kisses on my cheeks.  I am so grateful for those two; they made me a mom and are the best kiddos a mom could ask for.

To all you moms out there (including my own wonderful mom), I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day full of joy - and maybe a little relaxation.

And to all of you out there whose hearts are hurting today - be it from the loss of a mother, the loss of a child, childlessness in general, or any other reason - I hope you were able to find solace and a bit of hope for Mother's Days to come.

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!

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