Friday, July 18, 2014

That's What They Said: Honesty

(While putting together one of Bryson's old castle Lego sets ...)
Baylor:  (stops and looks at Bryson)  Wow!  You are covered in freckles!

(While driving past an enormous cemetery ...)
Baylor:  What is that?
Me:  It is a cemetery.
Amalia:  I bet it is where you try to get as many flags as you can.  And the one who has the most wins.
Bryson:  Actually, a cemetery is a place where ... okay, when someone passes away, we bury them in a cemetery.
Baylor:  That is gross.

Amalia:  Mommy, who does Anna sing "Love is an Open Door" with?  (from the movie Frozen)
Me:  She sings it with Hans.
Amalia:  Ohhh, that's right.  And it goes like ... (hums a little bit of it while thinking) ... I can't remember.
Me:  That's okay.
Amalia:  And Anna, she sings it really well.  (smiles)
Me:  Yes, she does.
Amalia:  But Hans, he does not.  He interrupts her.  That is not good.  He needs to have a talk with her parents.  (waits a moment)  But they are dead.

Me:  So, Baylor, do you think I should wear my hair straight or wavy today?
Baylor:  Straight.
Me:  Straight?  Okay.  Do you not like it wavy?
Baylor:  (matter-of-factly)  Nope.
Me:  (unable to hide my disappointment)  Oh.
Baylor:  (concerned)  I mean, I only don't like it on Fridays.  You should have straight hair on Fridays.

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