Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Tiger Cub

Today was Baylor's first outing as a Tiger Cub Scout!  He got all dressed up in his new scout uniform and proclaimed to me in the car, "I am excited to make some new friends!"  In that instant, I am not sure I could have been more proud of him.

Mollie came along for the outing, a nature walk, as well, and she enjoyed hanging out with her big brother like she always does.  She is also now longing for the day when she gets to join the Girl Scouts.  But for now ...

After such a special outing, one must enjoy some Custard by the Dam.  (Well, Mollie didn't enjoy hers; turns out our little lady doesn't like chocolate.)

It was a great introduction to scouting, and Baylor is certainly looking forward to more scouting events in the future.

On a side note, remember when we used to refer to Mollie, when she was still in utero, as "Paco".  Well this little picture set itself up for me today, and I couldn't resist.  

 So that's it.  Wonderful day.  Lovely kids.  Great first experience.  Win, win, win.

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