Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Swim Team 2016

The kids are on a swim team at the community pool this summer, and, to say the least, it has been intense so far.  Between the four-times-a-week practices and 10:00 a.m. swim meets, we have been busy, busy, busy.

The swim meets are an experience in and of themselves.  We get there an hour early so they can get their races written on their hands ...

... and warm up.

Then we wait for their meets.  Amalia is in the first race of the little kids races ...

... so she usually has a bit of time to wait for Baylor's race and then her second one.  Some of the meets have been downright cold, and one towel isn't always enough.

Baylor's races are always three behind his sister, and though he might not be the fastest out there, he really enjoys swimming and has fun at the meets.

Both kids seem to really enjoy the meets, and I am proud of them for getting out there, often in the cold, and doing their best.

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