Saturday, July 16, 2016

That's What They Said: Learning All Sorts of Things

(While playing Brain Quest ...)
Baylor:  Oh, Mollie, I will give you the second grade one!  You will know this.
Amalia:  Okay!
Baylor:  What are the names of the Great Lakes?
Amalia:  Oh ...
Baylor:  You want my help?
Amalia:  Sure!
Baylor:  Okay, let's say them together!
Both:  Michigan ...
Baylor:  Huron ...
Amalia:  The Lake ...
Baylor:  What?  No.
Amalia:  Yes it is!  Remember, sometimes we say, "We're going to The Lake!"?
Baylor:  (sighing)  Okay, I'll show you a different way.  It'll help you remember it.  Huron ... Ontario ... Michigan ... Erie ... Superior.  How many was that, Amalia?
Amalia:  I don't know.
Baylor:  It was five.  There are five Great Lakes, and you can spell the word HOMES with the first letter of each of them.  H - O - M - E - S
Both:  (singing)  H, O, M, E, S!  H, O, M, E, S!

(After hearing my watch buzz on the hour ...)
Baylor:  It's 9:00!
Me:  Nope, it's 8:00.
Baylor:  Oh.  I thought I woke up at 8:40 not 7:40.  Oh well.  Misunderstandings!

(While watching the Tour de France ...)
Baylor:  Why aren't they speeding?
Bryson: Well, because they are working really hard going uphill.  They'll go faster when they go downhill.  Just wait.
Baylor: Is anyone going to hurl?

(While watching the Olympic track and field trials ...)
Bryson:  Oh, well it looks like we're watching another long race.
Me:  How long is it?
Bryson:  5,000 meters.
Baylor:  That's a long run!  Is anyone going to hurl?

Amalia:  My (imaginary) daughters are at their house doing experiments and they broke the sound barrier!  And now they don't know how to fix it!
Bryson:  (smiling)  They broke the sound barrier?
Amalia:  Yeah!  And they don't know how to fix it!  So I told them, "Well, just break it again!"

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