Monday, August 12, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 270 (too many days late to count)

Well, we went to Chicago for a little weekend getaway with the kids.  Then, the day after we got home, Mollie came down with a cold.  And the next day I got it.  And the next day Baylor got it ... and his has been the worst.  My poor buddy has had a fever for three days, most of the time over 103 degrees, and just hasn't been himself.  Usually a good sleeper, he has been having trouble the last couple nights, waking frequently either from dreaming or because he can't breathe through his nose or he's hot/ridiculously cold.

And while the nights have been tough, I am grateful to be there for my little guy in his time of need - for comfort, for compassion, for a cool drink of water, for a trip to the potty.  I'm glad he knows he can lean on me and that he finds comfort in just being near me; case in point, he called out for me the other night and after going in and finding him basically still sleeping, I leaned over to give him a gentle hug and a kiss to help calm him.  As I broke away from the hug, I found his little arms wrapped around mine, like I was a teddy bear perfect for snuggling.

This mom job might not pay anything, but it certainly has its perks.

Have a wonderful night!

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