Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Catch-Up: December Doings

The set up and decoration of our tree is much, much different than that of my parents'.  Every year I try to employ the kids' help, and most of the time it ends up being a whole lot of this:

Mollie did try to help out a bit this year, but for the most part she was more interested in watching whatever movie was on at the time.

I helped Mollie write her Christmas list early on in the season, and I have to say it was one of the easiest I've ever done.  She only wanted one thing, a piece of rolling luggage like she saw in Toy Story of Terror.  Funny girl.

My parents and sister invited us to go with them to see our city's symphony put on their annual Holiday Pops concert, so the four of us got all dolled up to go out for the afternoon.  I seized an opportunity - us being ready early and so dapper-ly dressed - and set up my camera to snap a few pictures.

Then Mollie requested to take some of us, and one of them turned out quite well.

It was really cold out, but the atmosphere inside the performance hall was warm and festive.

Right before we left the house I grabbed Baylor's binoculars, and he and my dad put them to good use watching the musicians tune their instruments.

I wish I could say that the kids had a blast at the Pops, but in all honesty they were a little bored with it.  They didn't recognize a lot of the songs, and there wasn't much else for them to do besides watch.  With that said, they were very well-behaved and more patient than I realized they could be.

A few days later, my mom and sister whipped up some cake to serve as the base for a couple of extra large "gingerbread" houses.  Baylor had lofty goals for his, dreaming of Chicago.

He settled for making Shedd Aquarium.

Mollie took the reins and led Oma through a whirlwind decorating session.

Baylor, too, was the creative mind behind the design and the placer of all candy and crackers, while I wielded the piping bag.

Mollie came up with an adorable, creative little cottage.

While Baylor made both Shedd Aquarium AND the Sears Tower, pictured left below.

We piped the kids' names on the base of their respective houses, just in case anyone wondered who made each house.

Then Mollie put two and two together and pretended the extra candy canes were actual canes.  Funny little lady.

Later on in the month, I finally got a carton of some good-quality egg nog.  I asked Mollie if she wanted to try some, and she said yes!  I jumped at the chance to get her to try something new and poured her a small glass of some deliciously thick egg nog.  After the first sip, she declared she didn't like it, but as we sat there chatting she kept taking longer and longer sips of it.

Still claiming she didn't like it, she let her doll Sally try some.  A couple of sips for Sally, though, got her a bit "noggy" and she spilled on her pajamas.  Tsk, tsk, Sally.

If I thought November flew by fast, December was an absolute blur by comparison.  It didn't help that Thanksgiving was so late this year, but I think having so many activities makes the time feel like it's flying by that much faster.

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