Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That's What They Said: Miss Mischief

(We were trying to get the kids packed up and ready to leave my parents' house a few nights ago and, as usual, it was slow going.  They weren't happy about leaving, so my dad said something in a whiny voice to demonstrate how they kind of sounded.)

Amalia:  (to my dad in a bit of a patronizing tone)  Grandpa E, it's really difficult for me to understand you when you whine like that.  (smirks and walks away looking very satisfied with herself for leaving all the adults speechless)

(Amalia, with a really bad cough and cold, comes into the kitchen and, with her head at counter-height, stands right by the pizza I'm trying to make for dinner.)

Me:  Mollie!  Please, back away from the pizza.
Amalia:  (turns and leaves)  Okay!
(A few seconds later she's back.)
Me:  Amalia, please move away from the pizza.
Amalia:  (scampers off)  Okay!
(A few seconds after that she's back.)
Me:  Amalia!  Please move away from the pizza!
Amalia:  (trots away)  Okay!
(This happens a few more times.  Then ...)
Me:  Amalia!  Please move away from the pizza!
Amalia:  (runs toward the living room)  Okay!  (then in the living room ...)  Baylor, go into the kitchen and stand by the pizza and see what Mommy says!

(The kids were in the living room playing some sort of Star Wars/Alien invasion hybrid event, and they were using these light up stick things as "light maces".  Then they started throwing them across the room.)

Me:  Hey!  You guys, please don't throw those!
(Someone throws theirs again.)
Me:  Hey!!  Do not throw those!  Do you want me to take them away?
Baylor and Amalia:  No.  Okay, Mommy!
Amalia:  Hey, Baylor ... (whispers in his ear)
Baylor:  What?
Amalia:  (smiles and whispers something in his ear again)
Baylor:  ("whispering" in her ear)  But Mommy said not to.

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