Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Robots

This morning Baylor got his hands on the box our new garbage disposal came in and decided he wanted to turn it into a robot costume for himself.  (On a side note, I didn't realize how momentous this was until I was actually typing it out ... Baylor has NEVER liked wearing costumes!)  So we made robot costumes!  I found a box for Mollie, albeit a much smaller one - sorry, sweetie, and we set to work.  I cut out the head and arm holes, and then later on I made all the little cutouts for them to glue to their robots.  (I would have let them do the cutouts, but they were busy cleaning up almost every toy and book they own, and we were pressed for time.)

After dinner, we finally got to assemble the robots.

Mollie's came out great, complete with buttons for stopping, going, dancing, and sleeping!

Baylor's came out wonderful as well, with buttons labeled "wings", "flight", "timer", and "fold in".  That last button, when "pushed", makes him draw in his arms and head and shrink down so he is entirely in the box, legs and all.  It's awesome!  He also glued wings to the back of his, which prompted Mollie to eventually glue wings to the back of hers as well.

My two sweet little robots!

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