Thursday, May 1, 2014

That's What They Said: Feelings and Assumptions

(While reading a Superman chapter book ...)
Bryson:  (reading)  "Metallo opened his chest plate to reveal a chunk of glowing green rock."  "Glowing green rock" ... do you guys know what that is?
Amalia:  I think it's a sucker.

(While we were talking about our upcoming trip to Florida ...)
Baylor:  No, I don't want to go to the beach this time!
Bryson:  Aw!  Why, buddy?
Baylor:  (earnestly)  Crabs.

(While I was about to shut the door after retrieving the super-wet newspaper from the front porch ...)
Baylor:  No!  Wait!  Leave it open!  (smiling)  I want to feel the fresh air!  I want to feel the spring breeze!

Amalia:  Mommy, do you know why I dance funny when I have to pee?
Me:  Because you are trying to hold it in?
Amalia:  No.  That is part of my ballet!

(While reading our nightly Bedtime Math selection ...)
Bryson:  Okay, "Wee ones ..."
Amalia:  (excitedly)  That's me!
Bryson:  (smiling)  Yup.  "Wee ones: If you have a pet lizard because that's your favorite animal, how many shoes do you and he need altogether, assuming your lizards want to wear shoes?  Lizards have 4 feet."
Amalia:  Okay, so ... (beginning to count on her fingers) we'll need rain boots, sandals, sneakers ... hmm.

(At dinner, Baylor was rockin' a dapper little 'do as his hair has grown out a bit and I was able to sweep it off to the side after his bath.)
Amalia:  Baylor, your hair looks so handsome!
Baylor: Aw.
Me:  Awww!  Yes, it does, Mollie!
Amalia:  (sweetly)  Just like a little old man.

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