Thursday, May 29, 2014

That's What They Said: Point Taken

(While Baylor and Mollie are playing owner and doggie, respectively ...)
Baylor:  Doggie, do you need to poop before we leave?
Bryson:  Why are we all of a sudden talking about poop?
Baylor:  Because we are playing doggie, and doggies poop everywhere.  Did you know that?

Amalia:  I am going to have a lemonade stand this summer.  Pink lemonade.  And it's all going to be just for ME!
Me:  Yeah?
Amalia:  Yup.  And when people come up and say, "Can I buy some lemonade?" I'll say, "Nope!  This pink lemonade is for ME.  But you can get some lemonade at my brother's lemonade stand.  His name is Baylor."

(Just after Baylor got in the car after school ...)
Baylor:  (struggling with something) Unhh.  Uhhhh.  Ah!  Wow, my pockets were hurting me all day!
Me:  What?
Baylor:  (wrestling with one pocket)  Ughh!  Got it!  I had this big rock in my pocket all day and it was killing me!  (wrestling with the other one) Ugghh!  There's the other one!
(both "rocks" were giant pieces of asphalt for his rock collection ... *sigh*)

Amalia:  Mommy, I want to go to Mars someday.  Can we go to Mars someday?
Me:  Well, honey, Mars is a really long ways away.
Amalia:  Well so is Chicago ...

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