Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 362 (almost there)

Today I am grateful that I was able to solve a problem on my own.  As I was taking a load of laundry out of the dryer, I noticed a faint smokey smell, not really something you expect to find of your newly clean laundry.  I knew it had been quite a while (if ever) that we cleaned out our dryer vent and lint area, so I set to work doing just that.  Mollie helped me out a bit, though she was pretty worried it would fall on her, and in less than an hour I had it all put back together.  Unfortunately, the next load of laundry came out warm but still quite damp, and I knew something was wrong.  After a call to the Whirlpool hotline, I checked the outdoor vent only to find it completely clogged. Once that was cleaned out, with the kids' help of course, everything was back to working order.

For whatever reason, I like knowing that I can take care of things myself, and today it was extra special because I was able to show the kids that they too can learn to help themselves and fix problems that come along.

I'm also grateful that I caught the smokey smell before it became something much more serious.  Hopefully future clean outs will be quicker and more frequent.

Have a wonderful night!

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