Saturday, November 9, 2013

That's What They Said: Burning Questions, Misbehavior, and Excitement

Amalia: (to Oma and Aunt Christine)  Oh, and I got up early from my rest and came downstairs.  I left my human fire on upstairs, though, so Mommy went and shut it off for me.  (smiles)  Ooh!  (runs into the living room)
(Oma and Aunt Christine look at me, perplexed)
Me: You're wondering about the "human fire"?
Both:  Um, yeah!?
Me:  She left her humidifier on upstairs ...
Both:  Ohhhhh.  (smile)

Baylor:  Mom, you know how I was thinking I was going to buy the Doom Diaries at the book fair?  Well, it is supposed to be a chapter book but I looked and couldn't find it.
Me:  Oh?
Baylor:  Yeah, so I bought a Hero Factory book!  That Face Off book.
Me:  I guess I don't know which one that is.
Baylor:  That is the one you didn't want me to get that time.
Me:  Oh, yeah.
Baylor:  The lady who was helping me told me I shouldn't get it, but I did.

Me:  I'm excited about seeing GG and Great-Grandpa tomorrow!  How about you guys?
Baylor:  I'm so excited I could burst!  Burst out of my mind!

Amalia:  Does the Easter bunny have a family?

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