Monday, November 11, 2013

That's What They Said: Apparent Bug Infestation

Bryson:  (after tapping on the bathroom door)  Can you go check on Mollie?  I've gone in there a couple times already, but she won't tell me what's wrong.  Sorry.
Me:  Yup, it's okay.  (once I'm in her room ...)  Pumpkin pie, what's up?
Amalia:  Mommy, I heard a "Bzzzzz" noise.  What was it?
Me:  I don't know, sweetie.
Amalia:  I think it was a bug.
Me:  Okay, let's listen.
(we get as quiet as we can and listen for the "bug")
Amalia:  I heard it!  Did you hear it, Mommy?
Me:  Nope, didn't hear it.
Amalia:  I think it went by my chair.
Me: Should we turn on the light to find out?
Amalia:  (enthusiastically)  Yeah!
Me:  (after turning the light on)  Do you see it?  Is it here?  (points to ottoman)
Amalia:  Nope, I think it went behind there.  (points to nightstand)
Me: Want me to get it?
Amalia:  (seriously)  Yes.
Me:  (pretend to squish an imaginary bug)  Ah!  I got it!
Amalia:  (smiles)  Yay!
Me:  Alright now, lay down.  It's time to go back to sleep.  I will come get you when it's time to get up.
Amalia:  Okay.  And if I hear another bug, I will call you.
Me:  No, how about instead you just say, "Hey, bug, go to sleep."
Amalia:  Okay.
Me:  I love you, love you, love you.  (leaves the room)
(Five or so minutes later ...)
Me:  (hearing loud shouting through the bathroom door)  *sigh*
Amalia:  (shouting very, very loudly)  GO AWAY BUUUUUGGGGGSS!  I DON'T NEEEEED YOU!  GO AWAY BUUUGS!  I DON'T NEED YOU!
Me:  (after entering her room)  Mollie, the idea is to get the bugs to leave without waking up your brother.

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