Friday, November 8, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 365 (Yay!!!)

Today I am grateful for my 32 years.  From the beginning, I have had a good life.  Two great parents.

I scored an awesome sister pretty early on.

Yes, I may have made a mess of my hair every now and then.

But birthday after birthday, I have been so lucky, so fortunate.

And along with my amazing family, I have gathered an amazing group of friends along the way.

Some of the oldest who did some of the silliest things with me.

Some of the closest ...

... and some who couldn't stay as long as anyone would have liked.

Those who, whether they liked it or not, were with me on my toughest days and who taught me lessons along the way.

And those who lingered, through youthful antics ...

... on into motherhood and all that life has brought us.

Not everything has been sunshine and roses, obviously.

But I've done some things I'm proud of.

Really life-changing things.

I started a new generation in our family ...

... and continued on a family name.

And here I am, 32 years old ...

... grateful for every last moment I've been given and hopeful for ones to come.

Thanks for sticking with me through this year-long gratitude journey.  I've learned a lot from it, and though I probably won't post many (if any) more on this blog, I will undoubtedly think of things I am grateful for daily and be all the richer for it.

Have a wonderful night!

P.S.  To anyone whose picture wasn't shown, I do apologize.  I went down an insane rabbit hole of photos over the last couple days and ran out of time and energy to put everything I wanted up on this post.  This is what I had time for, for better or worse.

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rachel said...

Awesome job!! I think you will love being able to look back on this in the future :) Proud of you!