Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 257

Today I am grateful to be home after having been on vacation for a week.  I am looking forward to sleeping in my comfortable bed, using my own bathroom, and having all my clothes to choose from, not just the few I packed with me.

Don't misunderstand, the vacation was wonderful and I am incredibly grateful for that as well.  We had a fabulous time in South Haven, Michigan, and the weather cooperated to make it a lovely beach vacation; doing much else other than playing in the sand and in the lake would have been quite uncomfortable because of the heat and humidity.  But, being a lover of heat and humidity, I was in my element; I love how the humidity slows things down a bit and makes everything feel warm.  I run on the cold and dry side a bit, so to be in the humidity is to be, finally, comfortable.

I'm also grateful we got to spend so much time with my parents and sister, a sentiment I am sure the kids would echo wholeheartedly.  Though they live only seven minutes away, having them there for the whole day, beginnings, endings, and everything in between, was a real treat for the kiddos.  I am so grateful they have gotten to know their family so well and have so many happy memories with them.

And last, but not least, I am grateful for sleep.  Here I come!

Have a wonderful night!

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