Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 267

Today I am grateful for a big achievement for both kiddos.  We were at Rivertown Mall today and after having the kids' feet measured I asked the kiddos what they wanted to do; Baylor of course said he wanted to ride elevators, and Mollie said she wanted to play in the playplace.  Baylor said her idea was okay if there weren't many kids in the playplace, but when we got there it was teeming with kids of all ages and enthusiasm levels.  Baylor instantly balked, but after more consideration he said he'd go if we could ride an elevator and get pretzel sticks first.  We did, and he kept his word.

And they had a blast!

My favorite part was when they held hands and when they'd run up to me after having been separated asking where the other one was.  I love seeing them play together.

Baylor even had a run in or two with some more aggressive kids, and he handled himself so well!  He's come a long way since he last tried playing here and couldn't even get up the stairs he was so socially anxious.  They played and played, and it was only fatigue and hunger that dragged them away from the fun.  It was noisy and crowded and chaotic, and they handled it beautifully and had loads of fun.  I was insanely proud of both of them.

Have a wonderful night!

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