Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 334

Today I am grateful I solved a little personal mystery this afternoon.  For the last couple days my eyes have been bugging me.  Yesterday I woke up with them so red I thought I had pink eye and had to remove my contacts soon after my shower.  This morning they were red again, but they didn't have the characteristic gunk associated with typical pink eye and I was a bit perplexed as to why they might be so red.  I thought it might have had to do with Mollie poking me in the eye with the bill of her baseball cap on Thursday morning or because I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep.  Then I went out to play with the kids after nap time and quickly found out why my eyes were hurting; my allergies were acting up.  While running around my parents' yard, my eyes started to tear up and become incredibly painful; later on it dawned on me that this was nearly the same feeling as I had after I got maced back in college.  (Long story ...)

I am so happy to know what is up with my eyes, though I am not looking forward to wearing my glasses for the next few days/weeks/whenever until things start to clear up.  A trip to the optometrist might be in order for Monday so I can get my glasses fitting a little better; this whole sliding down my nose every half second is not working for me.

Glasses aside though, I am just so grateful I don't have pink eye.

Have a wonderful night!

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