Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 353 (late, as usual)

Today I am grateful that the people, likely bored teenagers, who knocked over our mailbox today did not entirely succeed in their attempt.  Yes, the mailbox was laying on the ground, but I had already pretty much done that when I ran into it this past winter and Bryson was able to just stick it back in the ground, at least until morning.

Oh, and did I mention they tried to knock it over by throwing a big pumpkin at it?  Yeah, and the best part is that, because it didn't face much resistance with the mailbox, the pumpkin sailed into the middle of our lawn, unbroken, and ready for display (though Bryson later told me that the stem was broken off a bit).  I feel bad that this could very well be someone else's pumpkin; we saw pumpkins in most of the lawns in our neighborhood, so I'm guessing the youths didn't bother buying any large-ish pumpkins to use as cannons; they just stole them off people's porches instead.

Have a wonderful night!

P.S.  I am sorry if part of this doesn't make sense ... I was starting to fall asleep as I was writing.  You should have seen the first draft.  Yikes!

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