Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mollie Moving!

Miss Amalia is a bit of a mover; where her brother, particularly at her age, would be content to sit and read a book or play with Legos for an hour or two, Mollie is on the go most of the day.  Yes, she has her quieter moments where she'll "read" a book to her babies or plunk down and play with some Legos, but quite often she's moving, and adorably so at that.

A month or two ago we were at my parents' house for dinner and visiting, and Mollie decided that, a.) she needed every bow at their house in her hair and b.) she was Cinderella on her way to dance with Prince Charming at the ball.  Baylor quickly declined the Prince role, so I volunteered Bryson to do the honors.

The kids have been in swim lessons for a while now, but my parents' pool is shallow enough in the shallow end that both kids can touch and avoid practicing or showing off their skills.  And that's what they did almost all summer ... until Mollie decided enough was enough and it was time to bust out her skills.  (Baylor still phones it in a bit in their pool but does quite well in class.)

As I mentioned last night, in addition to getting a couple awesome videos of Baylor actually singing, I took a couple of Mollie singing as well.  She saw the attention her brother was getting and wanted a little for herself, and I can't blame her; Baylor's been getting a lot of attention now that he's in school, and that has been a bit difficult for her.  So here's her version of the numeral song Baylor sang last night.  Clearly she needs to work on her numeral formation skills a bit.

Then things got silly and she made up an even wackier version of the numeral song, which she adorably titled, "The Ding Dong Song".

She certainly keeps us on our toes.  I love all her energy and enthusiasm; it brings a lot of excitement to our day.

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