Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 330

Today I am grateful to hear that Baylor played with a couple kids, including the friend mentioned yesterday, at recess.  I knew this was likely to happen; he's a great kid and kids are so easy-to-forgive.

With that said, I don't feel like I overreacted yesterday.  My concern was more related to his Asperger's issues and less with him, as a kid, losing a friend.  I remember being a kid and the little fights and squabbles kids get into and were he a neurotypical kid I probably wouldn't have batted an eye.  But he has difficulty reading social situations and I worried that he had done something socially unacceptable and didn't even realize it.  And not knowing what happened, I felt helpless to help him or get him help.  As a parent, helplessness is a familiar and terrifying feeling; it happens so often and in a variety of situations, you'd think it would get at least a little easier.  But ... he's my son.

Anyhow, he played well today and for that I am truly grateful.

Have a wonderful night.


Autumn said...

Having two special kiddos myself I can relate to a lot of your fears. I speak from experience...my oldest is in 4th (with learning and processing disorder) and my middle in 2nd (aspy) and for the most part kids are SO accepting. I have found for every bummer of a kid there are 30 others who rally behind and just want to be a friend. Even in 4th grade the kids realize Shayne is Shayne and they like him just that way. I hope you have the same experience I have with Baylor growing up in school. Don't get me wrong--I have cried myself to sleep many, many nights--but it is all working out so well.

Nicole said...


Thank you so much for your response! You really put some of my worries to rest. :o)

Hope all is well!