Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 131 (a day late)

Today I am grateful that Mollie, Baylor, and I didn't get in a serious car accident on the way to or from the library this morning.  We got a lot of snow today, and the neighborhood roads were pretty slick.  Our van couldn't even make it up our tiny hill on the first try; I had to back it up and try to get a sort of running start to get up it.  The main roads were pretty clear, though, and I figured we were in the clear for the duration of our little trip.

Unfortunately I was mistaken.

As I pulled into the driveway, I apparently hit an icy patch where the driveway meets the road and slow-motion slid into our trash bin (thankfully empty at this point) which then partially knocked over our mailbox.  Mollie was a little upset at the events and just wanted me to make everything right again, Baylor was upset that Mollie was upset, and I was miffed that I made a little extra work for myself.  But, overall, I was just so grateful we were all okay.  I'll take a wonky mailbox any day over actual injury.

Have a wonderful day!

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