Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 217

Today I am grateful that a couple of, for lack of a better term, chew toys arrived in the mail for Baylor.  He has a bit of an oral fixation, putting toys, his fingers, anything in his mouth when he's lost in thought.  I found some great options on a website recommended to me by the mom of Baylor's playgroup friend.  And, as a bonus, it has a lot of other great tools I might just have to get to help Baylor in some of his weaker areas (e.g., his social skills).

Anyhow, I'm grateful there are resources out there for kids like Baylor who need safe relief from their issues.

Have a wonderful night!

And really, TherapyShoppe.com is a wonderful resource for teachers, specialists, and parents alike who need special resources for special children.

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