Monday, June 24, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 228 (two days late)

Today I am grateful that Bryson was riding with me and the kids on our after-dinner trip to my parents' house.  After we arrived and enjoyed a little pie, I was rubbing my eye when I felt my contact fold over.  Frustrated, as it had been bothering me all day long, I took it out only to find a chunk of it had torn off but was still attached, dangling by the smallest of pieces.  I had to throw my contact away and was left to "pirate patch" it the rest of the evening with one hand over my eye to reduce the strain.  Needless to say, driving home would have been dangerous at best, so I'm glad Bryson was there to take over.

And I'm glad that this happened in the first place because now I have the push I need to keep a spare set of glasses in the car in case of emergencies such as this.

Have a wonderful day!

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