Monday, June 3, 2013

That's What They Said: Reasoning

Amalia: (handing me her bowl of applesauce) Help me eat this, please.
Me:  (handing it back to her)  No, you can do this, Mollie.
Bryson:  Mollie, you know how to eat applesauce.  And, you know, the best part about applesauce is that, since you eat it with a spoon, as soon as you dip it in it basically scoops up a bite for you.  Try it!
Amalia:  (puts her spoon into the applesauce and automatically gets a bite)  Yay!
Bryson:  See!
Amalia:  (does it again)  Thank you, spoon!

(After dinner last night ...)
Baylor:  Daddy, can you find a ball for me?
Bryson:  Baylor, where are you going to throw it?
Baylor:  I need to score in my goal behind the futon.
Bryson:  Baylor, what is the futon near?
Baylor:  The window.
Bryson:  That's right.  And are we supposed to throw balls at the windows?
Baylor:  No.  (pauses)  So can you get me a ball?

(While listening to the Barenaked Ladies' "If I Had a $1,000,000" at breakfast ...)
Baylor:  This makes me think of the Death Star.
Me:  (smiling and completely off-guard)  Yeah?  Why is that?
Baylor:  Because that is how much money I would need to buy the Death Star.

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