Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 219 (four days late ... *sigh*)

I'm not quite sure how I got so far behind, but clearly it happened.  The days were going by really slowly, as it often happens when you don't have a regular thing to get the kids going for (like school).  And then we got something more regular: we are ramping Baylor up for all-day, every day kindergarten by doing double the amount of playgroups with his specialist this summer.  And, genius that I am, I said it was okay if we started the groups as early as 8:30 a.m.  I didn't exactly realize they'd be held so far away from our house (they used to be 5 minutes away max, and now they're 20 to 25 minutes away), but I do like getting up and not wasting a minute of the day and I guess it's good practice for the fall when school will start at a crisp 8:15 a.m., so ... can you tell I'm trying hard to make the best of it?  The kids are not exactly morning people, and the fact that the friggin' sun doesn't actually set until well after "bedtime" makes getting them to bed at an appropriate time really difficult.  Yeah, it's been rough, and we've only been at it for one week.  I'm hoping it'll get easier from here.

With all that said, today I am grateful that we have enough money to do this for Baylor in the first place.  He needs help with his social skills, and I'm glad we're able to provide him the help he needs to improve on these skills and hopefully make school a more positive - and less stressful - experience.  I was never a huge fan of school, and I don't want either of my kids to feel that way; we spend so many of our younger years in school that it seems like a waste to spend all of that time just absolutely hating it.  So, if I can do something about it now, I want to make school something my kiddos can look forward to.  Baylor loves the learning part already and enjoys people his own age ... he just doesn't really get how to be around them and play with them yet.  Hopefully after this summer he'll have a better idea.

Have a wonderful day!

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