Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 225 (a day late)

Today I am grateful that my children seem to have developed a true love for books and reading.  Our library books were due tomorrow, so we made our way to the library and checked another twenty out.  Yes, twenty.  Then we got home and they did what they do every time we get new library books; they sit on the couch and proceed to devour them in perfect silence.  It's amazing. 

Baylor chose mostly superhero and Star Wars books, but I snagged a science book for him about weather; he loves reading for information and I think he would have gotten more books like that had he not headed for the chapter book area first.  During the silence after we return from the library, I'm pretty sure he skim reads all the books he's gotten because he always comes away with a bunch of pertinent questions.

Mollie tends to grab a variety of books, from Wonder Woman to fairies to Arthur this time, and though she can't actually read yet she loves to look through them and make stories up about all the pictures she sees.

For example, after nap time Baylor really wanted to play Star Wars with Mollie.  She wasn't really into it, but she was so hoping I'd read her the fairy book she checked out.  Sadly I was making dinner and couldn't, but I suggested she ask Baylor to read to her.  He's never done that and typically refuses to.  This time, though, I told her to sweeten the pot by telling him she'd play Star Wars with him if he read her the book.  After skimming through it, he declared that he would not read any "girl books".  They bantered about a bit, and finally he agreed to read a book to her after she "read" one to him.  So she did.

And, as I guessed would happen, he reneged on his agreement and wouldn't read to her.  *sigh*  But they had fun anyway and ended up playing Star Wars for a bit before dinner.

I digress.

I love reading and spent many hours of my youth engrossed in books, and I'm thrilled that my kiddos seem to have an affinity for it as well.

Have a wonderful day!

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