Friday, June 21, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 227

Today I am grateful for my little fashion critics.  I have been ordering and trying on a lot of clothes lately, and when I've asked them they've always given me their honest and interested opinions.  Usually they are hypercritical of what I have on, sometimes unreasonably so, but their hilarious little precocious answers give me a chuckle and remind me not to take things so seriously sometimes.  Even when Mollie, when evaluating a pair of jeans I have on, walks around them then promptly informs me they are too wide (meaning I am too wide, as they are basically skin-tight) I can't help but laugh.  Their little scrunched up, disapproving noses might precede voices of dissent, but they care and are giving me their time and honest opinions and for that I am so grateful.

Have a wonderful day!

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