Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Year of Gratitude: Day 167

Today I am grateful that my mom came with us for the kids' swim lesson.  Up until today, both kids had been doing well, and there was only one minor bout of crying at the very end of the last session.  Today, though, Mollie was upset from the get-go.  She was tentative but okay when I dropped her off with Ian, but a few minutes into it she went to the bathroom and when I met her in there she started crying.  Unfortunately, she didn't stop for the duration of the lesson, save for a few moments here and there toward the end where she was comforted/distracted by holding some Disney princess pool toys in her hands.

So why am I so grateful my mom was there?

She stayed at the window watching the kids and silently reassuring Mollie that everything was okay while I went to the front desk to try to switch instructors; I'm hoping that a female instructor will be a better fit for Mollie.  We'll see in a few days; I was able to make the switch and we get our first trial with the new instructor on Friday.

Fingers crossed!

So thank you, Mom, for coming with us and holding things together for me while I did my best to make things better.

Have a wonderful night!

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