Monday, April 22, 2013

Shamrock Treats 2013

I am a huge fan of the shamrock shakes McDonald's sells from late February to mid March; they are thick and wonderfully minty, one of the best shakes around.  I do know, though, that they aren't good for you, so I try to limit myself as best I can.

One day after Baylor's playgroup, and after the lunch at Mr. Burger that followed, I took the kids through the drive thru and got some springtime treats!  Mollie, ever the devotee of all things pink, went for a strawberry shake.  (And barely drank any of it ... she's such a savory-loving girl.)

Baylor, though, joined me in a little shamrock shake treat and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I only had one other shamrock shake this season, but the one I had with the kids was that much sweeter because I got to enjoy it with them.

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